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My name is Eugene Beetge and I am a technology entrepreneur from South Africa

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I am a tech entrepreneur and old school developer from the 80's. With many years of IT experience coming from the 80's as a self taught programmer. For those that remember Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64...that was my start.

Business Development

I love developing new businesses, building them into profitable entities. Primarily within the field of IT and Education.

Tech Product Development

Using my years in IT and overall knowledge of the industry and open source software, I develop products so solve complex challenges from customers.


I am a specialist Inbound Marketing professional. Although I do not offer this as a professional service, I consult and lecture on this fascinating topic.

Talking Lecturing Consulting

I like talking to people, helping and advising on problems, challenges and solutions. My experience allows me to help people on subjects such as entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, sales, problem-solving and a couple more.

My Portfolio

Throughout my career, I have developed many businesses and owned them. Within each, we had great products, services, brands, media and marketing. This is an overview of some of the most memorable ones.

About me

Here is some interesting stuff about me you do not know.

Who I am

I got into IT at grade 8 during the mid 80's. I grew up in a time just before desktop computers. My parents bought a Commodore 64, and the IT bug took me. Myself and a couple of friends kept learning to program ourselves. Now looking back it is very exciting to see what has happened to the world of IT. Throughout my career, I have kept on coding on and off and don't mind getting my hands dirty with code. But I also realised I loved problem-solving in business and became a tech entrepreneur at age 20. I have had some pretty amazing businesses, some good successes and some spectacular failures.

What I Do

I am the head of a couple of companies and love building businesses that solve market and industry problems using tech.

  • Entrepeneur
  • Tech solutions
  • IT Products
  • Open Source products
  • Education
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Technology

Meet me and myself

Positive, creative, enthusiastic, problem solver, speaker, lecturer, entrepreneur, optimistic.

Eugene Beetge

Eugene Beetge

CEO / Founder / Entrepeneur

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Gauteng, South Africa

+27 76 289 6080

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